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No more art submissions

2009-06-25 20:24:16 by lilg1990

Not posting any more art for a while cuz I've got school and need to practice a looooootttttt! to improve So until I've improved drastically no more art submissions from me.


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2009-06-25 20:24:40


So I was masturbating in the shower, and since for some bizarre odd reason, I can't properly in the shower, so I use good ole' lubricant, but, since I'm crap and couldn't find any, I used the olive oil that's oddly in the bathroom as a substitute.

When I came, I sprayed it on the shower curtain because it seemed like a good idea. It in fact was. Some of it hit the water, and I assumed it to have disappeared down the ole' clog hole.

Later in my shower, I saw some odd looking shit in my shower, so I picked up on the end of my finger. It's my ejaculate, if you couldn't tell.

Now, go ahead and masturbate in the shower with oil and pick the result up. You'll get a blob with a horrible consistency, smells like wet cum, and tastes like olive oil.

It's good stuff.

lilg1990 responds:

LOL I was gonna ban u. but then u sort of reminded me of myself about 2 1/2 years ago always making sick comments and doing dumb stuff like setting stuff on fire and smashing stuff. You'll eventually grow out of this or not, that's totally up to u. All I've got to say about it is do it before you become legally liable for your actions; )

I'm sorry to say this but I'm going to turn down your offer of masturbation in the shower, you can feel free to go ahead with it though.


2009-07-06 19:30:48

you well get better you see
just try and draw more real object's instead of cartoon characters
and also draw a lot of people place and things. do more sketch then finished
art work for now, also drawing things your not use to drawing or see